How to approach learning and teaching C++?

Speaker: Slobodan Dmitrovic

Audience level: Beginner | Intermediate

In this talk, Slobodan discusses the approach and methodologies used in both learning and teaching C++. In the first part of the talk, Slobodan explains how to approach the topic of learning C++. Slobodan discusses possible answers to the following questions: what resources to use, what topics to learn and in which order to learn them, what makes a C++ backbone, what makes a solid C++ knowledge foundation, how to tackle the complexity, how to decide what is essential to a beginner in C++?

The second part of the talk discusses the topic of teaching C++ from a trainer’s standpoint. We discuss the following topics: how to decide on what to teach and in which order to teach, how to make a structured approach, how much information is too much information for a beginner, how to decide on the amount of theory, how to balance the theory with examples, at what pace do examples increase in complexity, what are the similarities and differences between teaching C++ to beginners in programming and teaching C++ to software developers who do not have prior C++ experience, how to present complex topics concisely?