Announcing the next Meeting C++ online job fair

published at 30.08.2023 16:56 by Jens Weller
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The Meeting C++ online job fair returns after summer on September 26th & 27th.

There are no big changes, we'll be hosting the first day in the European afternoon and the next day in the evening. The event will run for 3 hours including the kick off to get things started. Attendees will be able to hop from table to table to meet various employers and have conversations about how C++ is used and what are the requirements for their open positions. This is meant to be a first conversation and allows both sides to get a feeling about each other. Its not an interview setting, so generally the conversations will be with the group on the virtual table in the Lounge.

Are you hiring?

As polls show there are still lots of companies hiring, so if your employer is one of them, please let HR know about this opportunity! This event has now been a success for almost 3 years and many employers have returned to the event for hiring after attending for the first time. Meeting C++ is hosting an event focusing on the hiring side and what Meeting C++ can do for you there next week. It will feature an updated/similar version of this talk. One advantage this event offers is the listing on the CV Sharing form for 6 months, which includes the next event and this years Meeting C++ conference.

Attending companies should plan to send one HR person and one tech/team lead to the event, so that you have one or two folks present which know the C++ side and the hiring parts of your employer. While the event has a heavy focus on C++, you as an employer can also use it to be available in an online setting for connected roles. This requires you to advertise the event and your presence. Early sign up works best, as it allows Meeting C++ to spread the news and more candidates can submit to you prior to the event.

Are you looking for a job?

At the moment the event is in the sign up phase for employers, so its best for you to wait with the CV Upload form. It features at the moment 3 companies, and more sign ups will then be listed on this form during September. So using this form in the event week makes a lot of sense. At the moment Meeting C++ does not have a general CV Pool where you could contribute to, the CV Upload form is build to serve the employers listed on this form at the moment. I hope that more employers sign up and you'll be able to have great conversations about C++ and job opportunities at the fair in September.


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