Tickets for Meeting C++ 2024 are available

published at 25.04.2024 15:33 by Jens Weller
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Happy to announce that this years ticketshop is ready!

This year the ticketshop is hosted by Tito, and setting up this shop took a bit longer then planned. But now its ready and Tickets for onsite, onsite with hotel and online are available now!

Ticket prices did rise a bit, as Tito - unlike previous services - does not charge its fees on top of the ticket price, but needs it to be included. This years ticket prices reflect this, and that then also VAT needs to be included.

Regarding VAT, hybrid conferences are selling two types of tickets: onsite and online. And they need different handling in the VAT, and Tito enables this. Which was one of many reasons to choose this service. The real work of integrating its API though starts now.

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