think-cell is the first video sponsor of Meeting C++ 2023

published at 24.10.2023 18:36 by Jens Weller
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I want to thank think-cell for supporting Meeting C++ once again with a great contribution!


This time its the first ever video sponsorship at Meeting C++! So far we did not have a sponsor request this, and so its a new sponsorship which is very welcome to support the video work for the conference financially. This helps with this years goal of streaming all of Meeting C++ 2023 from Berlin!

This year think-cell is present at the conference with a talk about Better C++ Ranges by Arno Schödl on Monday.

Since 2012 think-cell has supported Meeting C++ in many years. In the first year with sponsoring a dinner in the evening, followed by initiating and supporting the Meeting C++ student program. This years sponsorship supports the video work and streaming.

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